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Squly & Friends live in Harmony Forest. Although everyone is different in his or her own ways and has different personalities, these happy friends are closely knitted and live happily together. The forest is their paradise. In this forest, everyone has his or her own little corner, and every corner is special in its own way!
And this is what we call “harmony in diversity”.


Squly is an optimistic squirrel who enjoys making his friends happy with his comedic personality. Staying happy and positive is Squly's way of life. He is eager to learn and is curious about everything! Squly is an acorn researcher. He is constantly researching for the best way to cultivate the most delicious acorns in the world.


Bealy is the most gluttonous one in the forest. To keep up with his gluttony, he spent lots of time to improve his culinary skills. His effort paid off when he became the master chef of the forest, and designed his own series of Bealy Recipes. He is also the founder of Bealy Star Kitchen, and his next goal is to achieve the 3-star Bearchelin Award.


Because of global warming, Kily has evolved into a “less-sensitive-to-heat” penguin. He misses those days when he was in the Antarctica, which explains why he so strongly supports environmental protection. His dream is to provide his penguin brothers with an ice pole penguin kingdom. To play his part in protecting the environment, Kily is a vegetarian who does not eat fish, but he eats taiyaki, a fish-shaped pancake!


Cely may look stern, but he is really very kind. As he is very efficient and meticulous, he was chosen by the forest friends as the king of the forest. Cely is also an outstanding pastry chef, who often whips up perfect desserts in his café, “Patisserie Cely”. Cely adopted a white rabbit called Little White, who is the mascot of Pâtisserie Cely.


The Owlsss sisters love to look good and enjoy having a good afternoon tea. Their common goal is to win the Miss Owls pageant. Although they love to eat, they are health-conscious too. So, they are often sharing health and beauty tips to keep everyone fit and beautiful!


Shopping is eldest sis, Owlly’s favorite pastime.


Owvie, the second sister, loves to put on make-up and try out different hairstyles.


Owky, the youngest, is a health enthusiast.



Squly and friends are always donning a bow-tie. Wearing a bow-tie exudes gentlemanly-ness, charisma and politeness. These qualities complement the inner qualities of Squly and his friends.


Sciulie is Squly’s girlfriend. They are childhood sweethearts who have known each other since young. Thus, Sciulie knows Squly very well. Sciulie is very understanding and kind, and she gives Squly space to do things that he enjoys.


Owtis is Owky’s boyfriend. In the Owls’ world, Owtis is suave, gracious and educated. But he sometimes finds it hard to understand Owky.

Kily's Brothers

Kily has many brothers and they often hang out with Kily. Many times, people would mistake them for Kily, as they failed to notice that they do not have Kily’s crown and they are much fairer than Kily.

Little White

One fine day, Cely found an abandoned white rabbit in the forest and adopted it without hesitation. After cleaning and dressing the white rabbit, he named it “Little White”. And since then, Little White has become Patisserie Cely’s mascot!

Wide Duck

The wide duck can be found wherever there is water. No one knows where it came from or where it wants to go. Everyone can feel its carefreeness and see its many expressions. It loves to appear whenever Kily is around.


Squly loves acorns and is often eating them. As an acorn researcher, Squly is often seen walking around with acorns.


Taiyaki is Kily and the penguin brothers’ favourite snack. Sometimes they sell taiyaki together, to raise money to protect the environment and to build an ice pole penguin kingdom.

Busy Bee

They are a bunch of hardworking bees in the forest, often seen with rainbow-coloured parachutes while extracting honey.


Squly and friends live in the lively and loving forest. The forest always appears because we want to take everyone away from the concrete world we live in, into Squly and Friends’ dream forest!

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